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Recently Americans have felt their society more at odds with traditional values. We asked Americans to share the common values that are part of our American experience. They were asked: “What are the values that connect us as Americans?” and “What do Americans stand for?”

Our Advisory Board is comprised of leaders from all walks of life that stand for the same traditional American values and principles seeking to make a change in today's America, so that the future of America is the representation of the values we promote.

The Purple Tent was the desitination for civil conversation at the 2016 RNC Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.


The tent was home to several keynote addresses and panel discussions that brought together national thought leaders (from different political parties and ideologies) to have constructive dialogue about the current state of America and how we can work together to find common ground. 


VISIT for information about the speakers and to watch the full panel discussions.  


MEDIA COVERAGE from The Purple Tent




1. Display a "I STAND FOR CIVILITY" poster in your school, office, car or home: 

    Poster 1 - Download

    Poster 2 - Download


2. Guidelines to having a CIVIL CONVERSATION - Download this simple, how-to guide


3. COMING SOON: A full curriculum for schools to use as a tool to foster student-led discussions about civility in the classroom


4. VOTE YOUR VALUES - Vote your values and see how you rank with those in your state and the country


For more information about bringing The Purple Tent to your school, business or community, please contact the Purple America office at 440.442.5683. 

Who we are


Why Purple 

What are your Values?


Bring a Civility Summit to your town and discuss your values 


Cleveland Civility Summit: May 21, 2015

See the below graphic representation that was created throughout the evening to summarize and reflect the conversation about our community's shared values. 


Use the Civility Summit as a jumpstart for: What’s next? What can we do? How can we put our values-in-action? How can the community come together as one? How can we become proactive instead of reactive? How can our values guide us? 

We are deeply concerned about the meanness, bullying, hateful speech and disrespectful behaviors that have infected our media, neighborhoods, politics, workplaces, schools and communities, and we want to work for a more civil society.


Purple America's goal is to create and facilitate a new, more civil way of dialoguing about Who We Are and What We Stand For as Americans. 


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