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Find out why Purple is our color


Our Mission

Purple America’s mission is to highlight the shared values that unite us as Americans. To accomplish that, we are creating new forums to share our beliefs, engage young people in meaningful dialogue about values, and connect all Americans through the discovery and celebration of our shared American ideals.

More than 200 years ago, Alexis de Tocqueville, a French tourist, wrote in Democracy in America that Americans shared certain traits and values that were unique in the world. Sociologist Robert Bellah went further in the 1960s, stating that Americans shared an “American Civil Religion” -- a religious-like devotion to a set of values and world views.


Who We Are 

Our Advisory Board is comprised of leaders from all walks of life that stand for the same traditional American values and principles seeking to make a change in today's America, so that the future of America is the representation of the values we promote.

Recently Americans have felt their society more at odds with traditional values. Founder Stuart Musynski traveled cross country to discover for himself if America was red and blue, or, in fact, purple – and if Americans shared the common values that are part of our American experience. Americans were asked two fundamental questions: “What are the values that connect us as Americans?” and “What do Americans stand for?”

About Purple America

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