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Dear Students & Educators,

America needs your leadership right now. We need to help our country heal after this bitter election and return to civility and respect. We’re counting on you to lead the charge to take a major role in helping America heal by promoting civility, creating school and community dialog and effecting positive change in your schools and communities. To make this happen, we are launching the Purple America Superhero Civility Challenge. We need your help. Here’s how this works:

The Superhero Challenge: Students will be challenged to create a superhero to take his or her place beside Michael Midas, to Champion the heroic job of restoring civility and respect for America.

Purple America has partnered with Avalanche Comics Entertainment and founder Jordan B. "Gorf" Gorfinkel. Gorf, the longtime editor of Batman Comics, has created a graphic novel called Michael Midas Champion, which will be released in 2013. Michael Midas Champion's battle is for family, respect and civility in his community. However, there is a slight problem: Michael Midas Champion needs a partner.

Starting November 2013, individual students, teams and entire classes are invited to submit a superhero design and description of the superhero's powers and qualities. A panel of students will judge the winning superhero. The ideas for how America can better live its values based on projects the students suggest is ongoing and part of the continuing task of restoring civility and respect to our country

Please encourage your students to keep in touch via our Facebook page and website to see the entries for this contest.

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