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​Values on Video

Vote Your Values

There are many ways for us to re-imagine our American values.

Click on each photo to learn more about each initiative.

Re-imagine Values.

Do you wonder how values vary across the country?  What states rank Freedom as their most important value?  Or Equality?

Let your voice be heard. Click on your own state, and rank the 12 values in order of their importance to you.


​Here you will find a collection of videos speaking about values. You will also find a way to submit your own video for use on our YouTube channel. 

It is our hope that we can have several hundred videos speaking about all of the values we represent.

Purple America invites all Americans to Re-Imagine America through a national conversation, based on our shared values, in a series of six televised forums shot in major U.S. cities. In each forum, prominent leaders and students take on the tough topics Americans care about.


There are many people, companies and organizations that have a strong commitment to adhering to a strong set of values. Here you will find some of those rare stories of commitment to values.

Values Forums

Values in Action


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