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The Purple Tent™



Election cycles deliberately emphasize and often exaggerate our differences without offering a comparable values discussion vital for a unified nation. These divisions make it harder and harder for Americans to come together to solve problems that seriously threaten our future.


As part of its work at the RNC Convention, Purple America pitched a 2,500-square-foot Purple Tent™.


The tent was the destination for media, delegates, bloggers, the community, celebrities and national thought leaders to have a continuous dialogue about “who we are” and “what we stand for”. Its purpose is to be a catalyst to further engage Americans in a conversation about civility and values through media, student engagement and more.


To see a full list of speakers who participated at the RNC convention and to watch the panel discussions, visit


Click here to read and view MEDIA COVERAGE from The Purple Tent at the RNC Convention. 


The Purple Tent is an ONGOING Initiative!

To bring The Purple Tent to your school or community, please contact Stuart Muszynski at or call 216.650.0463



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